Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) technology enables us to obtain 3D images of the eye’s internal structures.

OCT is painless, quick and safe and uses only light waves to capture the image.

The unique way the image is formed means that for the first time we can see below the surface of the retina and view the microscopic layers beneath, allowing us to detect changes far earlier than before.

OCT scans are particularly useful in detecting macular changes including age related macular degeneration, macular holes and diabetic macular changes.

OCT scans are also used in the monitoring and early detection of Glaucoma. We have invested in specialised software, which combines OCT scans with traditional visual field testing, highlighting the smallest signs of, or changes in Glaucoma.

OCT is not part of a basic NHS eye examination. Our Clarity eye care plan includes OCT as part of it’s core benefits, alternatively it can be accessed for a small fee.