Contact lenses can be a great alternative to spectacles.

Whether for full-time wear, or part-time wear for social occasions or sports, our Optometrists will recommend the most suitable options for your needs.

As an independent practice we have the ability to take advantage of the latest contact lens developments from across the market. We offer a range of daily disposable and reusable contact lenses to suit a wide variety of prescriptions. By keeping up to date with the latest developments in contact lens technology, we ensure you receive the best comfort and vision from your lenses.

We fit patients of all ages, including children. Contact lens wear can start at a younger age than you might expect, and is a healthy, safe alternative to spectacles for many children.

Myopia control or myopia management is the practice of fitting special contact lenses to slow the rate of myopia development in children and young people. For more information on our myopia control options visit our myopia control page.

All of our Optometrists are experienced contact lens fitters and receive referrals from the hospital eye service and other Optometry practices for specialist and medical contact lenses. We also offer advanced lens designs for complex conditions such as keratoconus or cosmetic lenses.

Our Clarity plan makes your lens wear hassle free and combines regular expert aftercare with your lens supply. The other benefits of Clarity also apply including 20% reduction in the cost of backup glasses. Part time wearers also have a flexible pay as you go option.

If you have a valid Contact Lens prescription from us or another Optometrists please visit our Online Shop to buy your next supply of contact lenses.