Good vision is essential for every child’s development, especially during their school years when the ability to see properly will impact hugely their learning.

It is easy to assume that your child can see properly. However, this isn’t always the case and research suggests that 1 in 5 school children have an undetected eye problem.

As young eyes grow, vision can change and children may not recognise when something is wrong. Vision in preschool children hasn’t finished developing and early diagnosis and treatment can prevent permanent visual defects.

Tell tale signs of visual difficulties may include headaches, uncomfortable eyes and avoiding reading. With education also relying on new technology such as smartboards, computers and tablets your child’s visual needs have never been higher.  Visual demands also increase as they progress through school and spend more time reading and studying.

Regular eye examinations are the only way to ensure that your child is seeing as well as they should be.

How will you test it?

We understand that an unfamiliar environment can be intimidating for young children and we make the experience of having their eyes checked as reassuring and fun as possible.

What if they need glasses?

Spectacles and contact lenses can often provide the answer for visual problems although occasionally referral to the hospital eye service is required.  Some visual difficulties are simply corrected with exercises. Children can use contact lenses from a younger age than you might think and there are a wide range of frames for children including designer options such as Ray-Ban juniors.

All NHS eye examinations are free for UK residents in Scotland and if your child needs spectacles then we have frames to suit all ages and budgets. Although the NHS doesn’t provide a spare pair of spectacles our second pair offer ensures your child isn’t left without a pair of glasses when needed.