Dry eye is a common condition that could be caused because your eyes aren't producing enough tears.

Dry eye is a chronic condition, meaning that once you've had it, it can come back again even after it has cleared up. It usually affects both eyes, however it is possible that one eye could be worse than the other. There are several treatments for dry eye, some of these can be done at home.

Dry eye is a common condition which can cause a wide range of symptoms from dry, itchy, uncomfortable eyes to blurry, watery eyes.  It’s common to experience these symptoms in winter time or in an air conditioned environment.

If you have had these symptoms for some time, you will probably realise that there are a wide range of eye drops and gels available as well as oral medicine, lid cleaning products, heat packs and also various treatments on the market for dry eye. Knowing which will work best for you without expert guidance can be tricky and sometimes the wrong treatment can worsen your symptoms.

It’s important to find out and understand what is causing your symptoms and how best to treat them, this is the key aim of our dry eye clinic. Using the latest in dry eye diagnostic technology we can analyse different aspects of your tear film, ocular surface and eyelids to produce a personalised treatment plan.