We invest in the most up to date equipment ensuring our patients the best possible care.

Your eye examination will be carried out using the most high-tech, reliable technology. This allows us to deliver accurate results, identify any problems at a much earlier stage than usual, and offer the best possible treatment.

Amongst our list of modern equipment is the OCT Scanning machine. This allows advanced imaging for your eyes, and can detect not only problems with your eyes, but also further health problems. OCT technology images in 3D, allowing your practitioner to assess the health of your eye and identify any abnormalities. OCT Scanning allows us to ensure that your eyesight is protected now and in the future.

We also offer the OptoMap ultra-wide digital retinal imaging system, which allows your optometrist to see up to 82% of the retina, whereas a general eye examination usually only captures around 10% of the retina in a single image. The examination takes around 5-10 minutes , with your results available immediately after. The OptoMap is extremely useful for detecting early signs of diseases and conditions.

Technology keeps changing, but we are constantly updating our equipment to ensure that we deliver only the best eye care for our patients.