Myopia affects one in three people in the UK and is increasing.

Myopia, otherwise known as short sightedness is an extremely common eye condition which causes distant objects to appear blurry and can increase the risk of eye disease in later life. It is becoming more common with 50% of the global population expected to be myopic by 2050.

Myopia typically develops as the eye grows, as the eye becomes longer short-sightedness increases. It most often develops in school aged children, particularly in secondary school and young adults. Myopia development usually slows down or stops in early 20’s but can continue to develop in some patients. Short-sightedness is more common if one or both parents are short sighted.

Symptoms of myopia include not being able to see objects in the distance as clearly anymore (whiteboards in school, TV or road signs are common examples) but can also include squinting, headaches and eye strain.

If you or your child has symptoms of short sightedness we would recommend booking a full eye examination at which we can offer advice on how to reduce the risk of developing myopia or explain the options for correcting any myopia already present.

What is myopia management? 

While normal spectacles and contact lenses correct myopia and remove the blurred vision they do not slow the progression of myopia.  Myopia management (or myopia control) uses unique designs of contact lenses or spectacle lenses to slow the development and progression of myopia.

By reducing the rate of progression we aim to reduce the final prescription that a patient will reach and at the same time hope to reduce their risk of developing eye disease in later life. Our most commonly prescribed myopia management options aim to reduce progression by around 60%.

We were the first practice in Ayrshire to offer a specific, licensed Myopia Management contact lens option back in 2017 and have continued to add myopia management options since.  At the end of 2020 we became the first Ayrshire practice and one of the first in the country to offer Hoya MiyoSmart spectacle lenses. Our Optometrists have completed additional training in myopia management.

At myopia management appointments we assess risk factors for myopia development and progression, prescription, binocular vision status (how the two eyes work together) and carry out additional tests and measurements.

With all this information we then have a detailed discussion with the patient and parents as to the various options which may be available to them.

Our myopia management designs include:

  • MiyoSmart  – a myopia management spectacle lens from Hoya
  • MiSight – a daily disposable myopia management contact lens
  • NaturalVue – a daily disposable myopia management contact lens
  • OrthoK or Orthokeratology – RGP contact lenses which are worn overnight and provide clear vision during the day

To access our myopia management clinic you should first book a full eye examination unless you have had one recently.  If this it the case or for more information please contact us for more information.