Being an independent practice gives us the freedom to offer and advise you on the latest lens technology from leading brands.

We typically use Hoya, Zeiss and Nikon spectacle lenses but can source others for specific requirements.


A slightly less familiar name than our other two main lens brands Hoya are world renowned for their optical products.  Our main lens partner has brought recent lens developments to the market such as their Sensity Shine lens which is a mirrored photochromatic lens or the new polarised version of their popular digital freeform varifocal Lifestyle.

Hoya Vision Longlife antireflective and scratch resistant coating comes with a 3 year guarantee as standard and this is available on single vision and varifocal lenses.



World leaders in optics Zeiss lenses offer a wide range of product innovation from their personalised freeform varifocal design Individual2, to their self tinting photofusion lenses or the award winning DriveSafe available in both single vision and varifocals.



Instantly recognisable from their camera brands Nikon are pioneers in lens technology.  With a wide selection of lenses to cater for all lifestyles they are continually innovating their lens designs.  Relaxsee offers a comfortable option to support modern digital lifestyles and their UK based manufacturing plant ensures a fast turnaround.


Digital measuring using Zeiss iTerminal Mobile

We have invested heavily in technology for the eye examination and believe that your spectacle dispensing is equally important.  iTerminal Mobile from Zeiss allows us to capture all the necessary measurements required to dispense the latest lens technology as accurately as possible and all in under 60 seconds.