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Once you have selected your frame then we will assess which lenses are most suitable for you and your prescription. Using top quality lenses from Hoya who are well known for their camera optics and Carl Zeiss ensures that your vision is as crisp as possible. There are many lens options available to you, below is a brief summary but please get in touch with us to discuss the options best suited to yourself.

Single Vision
Lenses to correct short or long sightedness are known as single vision lenses, and these are also sometimes used to correct reduced reading vision as well.

Available in different lens “index” or thickness options we will advise which is best suited to your prescription and chosen frame.

All are available with a scratch resistant or anti-reflection coating which helps preserve your lenses for longer and ensures crisp, clear vision.

Bifocal or Varifocal “Progressive” lenses.
As we age our reading ability reduces and we can start to need more help with reading. This can necessitate a change from single vision spectacles into a lens that can focus light from both distance and near objects.

Bifocal lenses have two distinct areas of focusing power on the lens, distinguished by a line.

More modern progressive lenses known as varifocals allow a gradual progression of focusing power from distance to near throughout the lens. These look like single vision lenses but are much more advanced to ensure crisp vision at all distances.

Newer progressive lenses or “freeform” varifocals are sometimes called “individualised” or “personalised” varifocals. These newer designs allow for a much wider field of view and more natural vision than before. Freeform lenses have almost eliminated the difficulties reported by varifocal wearers in the past.

Most varifocals include a scratch resistant or anti-reflective coating as standard which can help protect your lens surface through it’s lifetime.

Lens Coatings

Scratch resistant coatings reduce the likelihood of small scratches on the surface of your lens and prevent these from interfering with your vision.

Anti-Reflective coatings allow more light to pass through the lens instead of being reflected from it’s surface. This allows people to see your eyes instead of reflections from your glasses and gives you clearer vision. It also reduces reflections from your lenses when driving at night and includes scratch resistance as standard.

Some anti-reflective coatings such as Hoya’s HiVision Long Life come with a 3 year guarantee.  


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