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Contact Lenses

Recent advances in the technology used to manufacture contact lenses has progressed dramatically, making them even easier and more comfortable to use.

There are a number of different types of contact lenses available, each with there own unique features. These include:

Soft Contact Lenses:

Soft contact lenses are very comfortable when fitted well and the vast majority are disposable lenses. Available in daily, two weekly or monthly replacement options there is a design to suit you. 

Contact lenses for astigmatism, sometimes called soft toric contact lenses, are specially designed to eliminate the extra blur from astigmatism. Daily, fortnightly and monthly options are all available.

From the age of 40 onwards, our reading vision can become more difficult which is called presbyopia. Lenses to correct presbyopia or “Multifocal” contact lenses have the ability to correct both distance and near vision dispensing with the need for reading glasses.


Gas Permeable Lenses:

These lenses are made from semi-rigid materials, which allow more oxygen to pass through to the eye, making this option appealing for full time lens wearers. They are sometimes known as rigid gas permeable or RGP lenses.

These lenses are suitable for all prescriptions, but are more often used for patients who have high powered prescriptions. High levels of astigmatism are sometimes more easily corrected with an RGP lens than soft lenses. Multifocal designs are also available.

Specialist Lenses:

We specialise in providing more complex contact lenses for:

  • Keratoconus,
  • post operative corneal graft / corneal transplant
  • cosmetic and occluding contact lenses for scarred or damaged eyes
  • Corneo-scleral lenses
  • “Piggyback” options

Please contact us to discuss these advanced options if they are applicable to you.


We stock a wide range of contact lens solutions for both soft and RGP lens care. This includes:

  • Boston (RGP)
  • Delta (RGP)
  • Complete Revitalens (Soft)
  • Optifree PureMoist (Soft)
  • Regard (Soft)
  • Regard K (RGP)
  • Sauflon Multi (Soft)
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