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Contact Lenses

As an independent practice Orr & Simpson Eye Care have the ability to take advantage of the latest contact lens developments from across the market that can benefit both you and your eyes.

Contact lens comfort has never been as good as it is now whether you wear lenses full time or part time and we frequently fit lenses in patients who have been told before that they can’t wear lenses.

Taking advantage of the latest materials such as Dailies Total1, Coopervision’s MyDay or Johnson and Johnson’s Acuvue 1 Day Moist range, amongst others, provides our patients with a wide range of options.

All of our Optometrists are experienced contact lens fitters and receive referrals from the hospital eye service for specialist and medical contact lenses. We also offer advanced lens designs for complex conditions such as keratoconus or cosmetic lenses privately.

Paying by monthly direct debit makes your lens wear hassle free and combines regular expert aftercare with your lens supply. The other benefits of our Clarity plan also apply including 30% reduction in the cost of backup glasses.  Part time wearers also have a flexible pay as you go option.

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